Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Hello everyone!

I have been away (from cyberspace) for a while, and alot has been going on in my part of the world.
First of all, Rachel (see photos below) and I have broken up. It happened almost immediately after my last entry. Surprisingly, I was not as devastated as I've been in the past, perhaps I'm getting used to being dumped.

The other noteable occurence has been the sniper saga. One of the shootings took place two blocks from my place of employment.
I found it rather amusing that we were all so obsessed with the concept of the "white van/box truck" that the real vehicle slipped through the hands of the authorities several times. In my opinion, this was a result of the many, so called, profilers. They had everyone looking for a white male in a white vehicle. Subsequently, law enforcement had blinders on regarding any other vehicle or suspect, allowing more lives to be lost.

Oh, lest I forget the 28th was my birthday. I am now 32 years old; God help me.....