Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Hello all:
Today I saw a very interesting website. It is called "Modest Needs", and basicaly it is a site where people who are in need can request financial help, (in reasonable amounts.) The money comes from the person who runs the site, (he donates $400.00 per month ) and from donations people make to the site. This month totaled almost 15,000.00 in donations. The site's ledger keeps track of all who request and all who receive assistance. The gentleman who started the site has given several interviews pertaining to the site this month; the most recent being an interview he gave on NPR this morning. He attributes the large amount of donations to the publicity he has garnered; but worrys that it will dry up when the hype dies down. Here is the link to "Modest Needs".
With things the way they are for me right now, I may be paying a visit to "Modest Needs" soon, hopefuly not. However, I think that when I get back on my feet I will make a donation to them.
Peace Out,

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Disenchanted is writing a new chapter in the book of weblogging. (corny) When you (meaning me, the only person who reads this blog) click on this link, to Disenfranchised's article on reverse linking, they will discover it and post a link back here. Cool, eh? So, if you are reading this b/c you linked to it from there, welcome!! I suppose I will have to start posting more relevant items from now on. For now, feel free to look at the pictures of people you don't know, and read the posts about my unemployment, etc... Tonight I will scour the web for hip, interesting topics to post tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a link to a discussion of "link backs" on Metafilter, my favorite weblog that I cannot join, (membership has been closed for the last six months or so.)
I have a shark phobia, as does Rachel. This is as close as I'm willing to get. (O.C. Boardwalk October 28, 2001)
Here is Rachel on the beach again, what a lovely day!!

Monday, June 24, 2002

I am posting alot of photos b/c I just figured out how to do it on blogger! Woo Hoo!! Here is one of my lovely Rachel and I at our friends, Kim and Tim's wedding.
Here is Ginny again, having lunch at the Sculpture Gardens, on the Mall
This my good friend Kirsten and I back in the day.

Here is a shot of me playing the congas at a recent gig in Annapolis I am playing there tomorrow night (Tues, June 25) at Mideltons, right on the harbour. Check it out if you are in the area. NO COVER!!!
Here is Rachel at the cigarette museum; very wonderful....

Here I am outside the cigarette museum, on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

This is my lovely, ex-girlfriend, Ginny and I at the wrap party for Film Fest D.C., 2002. The party was pretty boring, but the film, The Bank, was fairly interesting. Here is another picture of her outside the Lincoln Theatre.

This is my lovely girlfriend Rachel. We were taking some photos on the beach last month, and this is one of my favorites.