Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Sorry I have not posted in so long. I am only posting now b/c I just posted over at the cellar and I fear people may be coming here.

I have been "laid off" at my wonderful Govt. contract job, and have been to bummed out to post anything. The reasons for my summary dismissal were dubious at best. It basicaly boiled down to personality conflicts, (that I, of course, was completely unaware of) and some crap about taking off for legitimate Med. reasons. (which were cleared in advance)
There seems to be some sort of double standard at work here. For instance, it's ok to have coffe and a bagel at the meeting, but for some reason Twizzelers and soda are "unprofesional". My co-worker, on several occasions, fell asleep for upwards of an hour, but, of course, he never got caught. What do you think happened the one time I just zoned out for a few minutes? That's right, someone came in to ask me something and decided I was a horrible slacker. Unbeknownst to me, this person was complaining about me to my boss the whole time. Never mind that my work was always on time and with out mistakes! They decided to judge me by some arbitrary, hypocritical code of conduct; that I was never made aware of until it was too late. I felt like saying, "hey, what about sleeping beuty over here, who also, incidentaly, takes two lunches a day so he can go to the gym!!" (I ate at my desk) However, I wasn't going to stoop to being a rat just to save a job where I am not appreciated anyway. Losing my insurance really sux though. I am in the middle of getting a large amnt. of dental work done, and now I am fucked!! Wow this post is really living up to my blog's title; I think I will stop now......