Saturday, April 27, 2002

I am listening to "songs in the key of life" , and I think I need to get a new sound card and a subwoofer.

Well, Further research on JFK sites has pointed bout serioud problems with the "confession" of James Files found here, I apologize for even suggesting that there is any validity to it. The search for truth continues!!!

Everyone should go to Cheif Ikes, in Adams Morgan on thursday evenings; for my housmates, Ryan and Lisa's vegan dinner special.
Last week was fun, with a cornocopia of friends I had not seen in sometime. more later cuz I have to get some Bkfst.
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Friday, April 26, 2002

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

This is a voyage of HTML discovery, I will create links where no links were before. I am throwing caution to the wind, and getting my haircut at the DOE barber-shop. It only cost's 12 dollars, so if he screws it up I can get it fixed later; wish me luck!!

I am reading "Oswald Talked", a newish book by a husband and wife research team. Roy and Mary LaFontaine have unearthed several pertenant dallas PD documents pertaining to the assassanition of JFK. These documents raise many new questions about Lee Harvey Oswald, and his involvement with US Inteligence and the Mafia. The documents also, ironicaly, debunk one of the most pevasive conspiracy theories; aresst records provide the identities of the infamous "Three Tramps", arrested in dealy plaza on 11/22/63.
Here are some links to assassanation websites that I have found, this one is in spanish, but contains many good photos and sound files. Another more controversial site is this one claiming to contain the confession of the "real killer" judge for your self. That's all for now, I will update you on my haircut soon.
Metafilter is an interesting place to go. Everyone should check it out. also take a look at an individual blog that has links to many others ( disregard his sarcastic non-recomendations ) I am thoroughly enjoying the posting of all these links, please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts on them at More JFK stuff next time, see ya then.

The Terrible Secret of Space requires robotic protection. Please go stand by the stairs

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

we are robots

this is a cool website
very dark shit, in spanish

This website, although in spanish, has some of the best photos and sound files (including the dictabelt recording of the shots fired on November 22, 1963) I have ever seen or heard!!! Be carfull of any pictures of David ferrie; They will give you the creeps!
is this cool or what

I did it I put a link on my blog...
try to link to this!!!

another link test